domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012

a MERRY CHRISTMAS, Christmas STRICTLY the Lord Jesus!

Approaching Christmas, the heart beats differently, chest tightness announces sadness. I know that I will not have Christmas full of dreams of my childhood. I know I will not find my parents, and even if I wanted, I will not find some of my brothers. I know that I will not have a sincere hug as it was that beautiful season, considering I'm also so far and I'm dead. Not for lack of love in my soul. But I know the distance hinders the magic of love. Love cools and dies, yet we love the certainty of winning the lack of attention, affection. The plant is not watered and allowed to live in the sun and then dies with groans of torture of choice. In this Christmas will continue to seek the difference, the dream the refreshing balm of the soul even for a moment.
The pain ripping my love is deep and still; looking at the streets I see parents cry without tears, face pain and the door to hate. The ear ache and the brain is compressed without support more melodies and discourses of a society built for "Stronger," whites and blacks by whites who became successful art or some mastery in particular.
Starts another party, another year, many homeless, without food, without a blanket, without affection, without relatives, without this. The eyes of your children, your children, no longer shine, no hope and echoes the question: WHY? The pain and smothers my soul cry for me, the deepest being and where I can respond with the truth clear. I can not help them! I am insufficient in all shapes, AM NOT THE SANTA CLAUS!
I would sign a paper, a document, a law that establish social equality for a Brazil where they were all treated as brothers, regardless of being Christian, for having the same GOD as CREATOR, despite several colors of leather, sex differences Brazilians or foreigners would earn the TRUE CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY OF JESUS ​​CHRIST, love, peace, joy, and place the table for everyone in harmony.

            With all the love that overcomes all pain, with altruism and value.
            To all my readers: a MERRY CHRISTMAS, Christmas STRICTLY the Lord Jesus!